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Hi, I’m Doug!

I’d like to tell you a little story…

When I was eight years old, my dad bought me a translucent green piggy bank that was partitioned into 4 sections – save, spend, donate, and invest. Every Friday evening after dinner, he would give me four quarters to deposit into my piggy bank. He told me that I was free to put those quarters into my piggy bank however I wished. I had the choice to divide, or to not divide, my small fortune into the different sections. Even though I could’ve put all my quarters in one section or another, instead I deposited one quarter into each section of my piggy bank.

You may also recall having a piggy bank at that age. It probably had a single coin-slot, and as a child gave you an emphasis on the importance of saving. In fact, you might even have your own version of a piggy bank, now in the form of an old mason jar or used coffee can to mindlessly save up for your next vacation or new home. Whatever it’s purpose, these piggy banks do not emphasize the importance of allocating for spending, donating, or investing. Not to mention most 8-year olds (myself included) have no idea what investing even is. Despite this, I still chose to put each of my quarters into each section of my little green piggy bank.

I certainly did not realize it at the time, but the lesson I learned from my piggy bank experience is that the balance of personal finances requires discipline and consistency. In other words, money that is intentionally and consistently allocated to each category of personal finance is key to maintaining balance and generating wealth. This lesson has extended well into my adult life, and into other areas of my personal life in my pursuit of balance, happiness, and success.

Discipline and Consistency.

The relationship I’ve developed with my money, my friends, my family, and myself, all relate back to my essential principles of discipline and consistency. It is for these reasons that I started BrightDimes, and why I choose to share my knowledge with you, so that you may also discover your own truths in your relationship with money.

Develop Your Money Mindset is the notion that money is not “just money.” It is more than numbers in a bank account. It is a reflection of who you are, and the mindset you have with your perceived value of money. It is something one must work to build a positive relationship with over time, dictated primarily by consistency and discipline.

Who I am

My very first job was as a busboy at 15 years old. Not only did it offer me real-world experience, but it came with the added exciting experience of a consistent paycheck. Since then, I’ve become fascinated by how money works in our society. Per my own fascination, I’ve spent many hours since my time as a busboy reading books and blogs, watching CNBC and YouTube videos, (and asking my dad), about finance and money. I graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2019 with a degree in Industrial Design, Business, and Marketing. In pursuit of my financial fascination, I worked as a financial planner after graduation before transitioning to a Lighting Designer for a small company in Cleveland, Ohio. Now my fascination continues in the form of owning and writing for BrightDimes, with the mission to share what I’ve learned and continue to learn about finance and my relationship with money. I hope that reading my material and will give you new ideas and perspectives to help develop your relationship with money too.

Doug Cohen

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