About BrightDimes

What is BrightDimes?

BrightDimes is a financial blog designed to foster financial literacy by encouraging a basic understanding of money principles, and inspiring actions of self-discipline to strengthen the relationship you have with your money. At the end of the day, we want to help you discover your own path to achieving financial freedom.

BrightDimes’ mission is to help our followers establish and develop the connection between money and self-discipline. We call this the money mindset. We believe that in order to achieve financial freedom, it is important to understand the disciplines you share with your money. The key to becoming financially independent begins with basic financial literacy, and begins again through your own self discipline and developing the relationship you have with your money.

In order to provide a connection between the two, our posts involve general financial strategies you can learn about and use in your day-to-day finances. To bring the entire process full circle, we post articles that explain how practicing simple financial disciplines can cultivate and develop your money mindset.

Why BrightDimes?

BrightDimes believes there is a serious lack of financial literacy in the United States (and the world!). As one of the richest countries on Earth, the United States has one of the lowest financial literacy standards and education.

“Based on research data by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, 63% of Americans are financially illiterate.”

– Investopedia

The internet is littered with quotes just like the ones above. It’s a financial crisis. BrightDimes wants to change that. BrightDimes’ passion is oriented towards changing lives through essential, useful, and meaningful financial education.

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