The Affordability of Things is Keeping You Broke

Let's admit it, life is expensive as hell. Somehow it seems to get more and more expensive as we grow older. As our incomes go up, so do our expenses. We tend to justify new and exciting purchases based on that concept. The only troubling part about that concept is, even after our incomes go... Continue Reading →


No Assets, No Problem! Just follow this one simple rule.

This week's post builds off of last week's article regarding life insurance. Insurance is a fundamental aspect of building wealth and protecting your assets and those you love. Life insurance is a hard concept to talk about, because for it to work, it requires your death. Nobody wants to think about their death, and hardly... Continue Reading →

You’ve Said This Out Loud, and Probably Didn’t Think Twice About It.

Budgeting is an important part of managing your finances. It is the ultimate groundwork to becoming financially independent and financially literate. If you don't build a solid ground floor to your house, chances are it will all come crashing down. The same is true with budgeting. Creating a budget is creating the ground floor to... Continue Reading →

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